Adult and Non-Formal Education in The 21st Century: Coping with Covid-19 Era Through Distance Learning

Eleberi, Godwin ; Echzu, Benjamin C. & Amaike, Sunny C. Ph.d

Human society has evolved through various stages of development and changes. The ability to cope anchors on the level of knowledge available and fervent effort made for its application.
This paper, focuses on the concept of adult and non-formal education, and its functions to the society. It also highlights effect of COVID-19 on global education practices. It further X-rays the potency of distance learning in the era of COVID-19 pandemic. It concludes that distance learning is indispensable in adult and non-formal education practice in 21st century.
The paper suggested among others the provision of necessary information communication technologies to enhance learning process and adequate supervision of distant learning programmes to enhance standard.

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