Challenges of administration and supervision of Business Education in Nigeria for the 21st century

Nwaokokorom, Obioma Wisdom

This paper focussed on the challenges of administration and supervision of business education in Nigeria for the 21st century. Business education programme is an academic programme that equips students with business skills in Nigeria and is expected to be at the forefront of the innovations that drive change in the 21st century. The main study objective was to look into challenges facing administration and supervision of business education. It was concluded that there were challenges of inadequate and insufficient number of manpower qualification, teaching and learning materials, problem of effective curriculum development, politicizing education,
inadequate funding, corruption, insecurity, problem of effective staff-personnel, problem of student-personnel, illiteracy, and classroom visitation. Based on the aforementioned, the researcher suggested among others, Government and stakeholders should provide adequate learning materials, fund and security in order to curtail the problems.

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