Counselling as a Tool for Vocational and Entrepreneurship Development

Asiyanbi , Mutiat

One of the challenges that Nigeria is facing today is unemployment amongst youths which has stemmed into many problems such as banditry, kidnapping, robbery, insurgency among others. All these problems tend to affect the peace and tranquility of the society which could in turn have negative ripple effect on the economy of this country. This is because the aspect of entrepreneurship and vocational development that the youths and adolescents are supposed to be
exposed to have been neglected by the government and other relevant stakeholders. The major concern of stakeholders, educationists, and the general public is to ensure that youth are
encouraged to engage in meaningful livelihood. This paper elucidated counseling as a tool for vocational and entrepreneurship development. It was determined that directing young people to
seek the correct form of entrepreneurial education via efficient and consistent occupational counseling is a guaranteed approach to eliminate unemployment and develop a more successful and sophisticated society. Vocational skills should be revived among youths at all levels of learning and, preparing them mentally for occupation enterprises when they leave College.

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