OSUALA, Ifeoma Queen Ph.D, GIMBA, Rossanna & ANOH, Ken 


Education is beginning to undergo a dramatic transformation in terms of design and delivery, and more viable alternatives to the traditional classroom-based model. Education delivery is adopted based on the exploitation of possibilities offered by the new technologies. E- Learning as a method of instruction that takes place across territorial boundaries, necessitated by COVID is a new normal in the education sector. This study exposes the challenges and Benefits of Electronic learning. Education supported by ICT allows the inclusion of individual creativity and performance in the learning process. Electricity, time bound, less face to face interactions were identified as challenges .Study affirmed that, eLearning platform leverage the internet technology to make educational content available also delivering instructions via e-learning has resulted in the reduction of students costs while improving the quality of teaching and learning. More so adopting it as a method of teaching and learning in this 21st century will assist physically, mentally, and psychologically challenged citizens who cannot attend conventional educational institutions to have the opportunity of acquiring education right in their rooms.

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