Fine and Applied Arts Education: An imperative for National integration and cohesion in Nigeria

Thomas Uzhiyekachi G.; Onyebi Elizabeth C. & Olikagu, Loretto A.

Art is among the few subjects in the school curriculum as far back as 1842 A.D. Today, any nation that seeks rapid economic development, peace and unity, must make every effort to give its citizen
the best education possible. Fine and Applied Arts Education is a vital instrument per excellence that a nation can depend on. Therefore the main thrust of this paper is to examine the efficacy of Fine and applied arts education for achieving National integration and cohesion in Nigeria. This paper is of the opinion that provisions in National Policy on Education are adequate, and if implemented to the fullest by addressing all highlighted provisions is capable of sustaining our
hard-earned National integration and cohesion. A thoroughly organized mass literacy in the creative arts for self-reliance will go a long way in re-orientating the masses towards creativity leading to self-employment of many job seekers and potential trouble shooters towards National unity and stability.

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