Influence of  Parental socio-economic status and e-learning education in the Covid-19 pandemic era

Dienye, Ruth A. & Gimba, Rosanna M.

Abstract This paper examined the Influence of parental socio-economic status and e-learning education in the COVID-19 pandemic era. In doing this, an attempt was made to explain the meaning of COVID-19 disease and its effect on the education system. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a lockdown of the sectors of the economy, including the education sector in 2020. The shutdown of the education system led to the popularization of online learning or the e-learning method of teaching and learning. The low socio-economic status of some parents hindered the access of some students to the e-learning method of education. Recommendations were made that parents should provide the ICT devices needed by their children and a conductive environment with internet based facilities should be provided at home. Computer appreciation should be properly supervised in the schools, while the government and school proprietors should also provide adequate modern ICT facilities in the schools.

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