Nutrient and sensory evaluation of cassava cake (kpo-kpogarri) enriched with coconut and palm weevil larvae (rhyncophorous ferrugineus)

Ahiakwo, Rosemary  O. Ph.d &  Okwechime, U. J.

The Nutrient composition and sensory evaluation of cassava cake commonly called kpo-kpo garri enriched with palm weevil larvae (Rhyncophorous ferrugineus) and coconut was investigated.
Using standard analytical methods, the cake sample was subjected to proximate and sensory analysis. There were differences in the nutrient composition of the enriched cassava cake and the non-enriched (control) cake. Values varied from 0.31-3.87%, 1.07-18.14%, 2.47-6.14%, and 0.15-10.30% for Ash, protein, fibre and fat respectively. Carbohydrate content decreased with enrichment, 88.08 to 53.26% whereas moisture decreased with enrichment 4.78% as against 6.72% in the control. The enriched cassava cake was liked extremely over the control in terms of
taste and overall acceptability from the organoleptic test. Results from the study, shows that the enriched cassava cake has better nutritional qualities than the control sample hence will be capable of reducing the level of protein-energy malnutrition. The need to improve nutritive quality
of local foods using nutrient rich ingredients has been promoted. Palm weevil larvae and coconut are rich in Protein, Lipid, Carbohydrate, Fibre, minerals and vitamins. Development of this type of product could be a source of livelihood to the local people and create job for the unemployed youths.

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