Observation on behaviours associated with human infections with intestinal helminth in selected local government areas of Rivers State

Goodhead, D. A. Ph.d,   Joel, Chituru Ph.d,  & Ibrahim, J. J.

Nematodes of medical importance are major burden associated with great health challenges. The effects of these untreated infections result in chronic inflammatory disorder and are linked to more insidious persistent health conditions among the sufferer. Despite the availability and cost effectiveness of modern medicine and continuous scanning and monitoring of the distribution and pattern of spread, recorded percentage prevalence have continued to increase. This study aimed to
determine some risk factors of behavioural disposition associated with the emergence and re-emergence of parasitic infections amongst human populace. A structured questionnaire was administered amongst available school-children in Emohua and Etche Local Government Areas of Rivers State. A total of 610 respondents participated, of which 210 were from Etche and 400 were from Emohua. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and chi-square. Result shows 82(20.5%) of Emohua and 41(19.5%) of Etche respondents practiced open defecation. 139(34.8%) and 84(40.0%) of respondents of Emohua and Etche respectively walk barefooted. 161(40.3%) respondents from Emohua and 55(26.2%) respondents from Etche very rarely practiced regular hand-washing. Study revealed that risk factors known to impact on infection include open
defecation, within the school premises and homes. This indicates high level of environmental contamination within the study areas. Walking barefooted, poor personal hygiene amongst others also create chances of been infected. It is therefore recommended that everyone should take responsibilities of the immediate environment and personal hygiene. Public health professionals should be in frontlines of informing and educating the public on the impact of infection.

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