Organization as a system and application of Management Information System for its survival

Ogonu, Omoni Gibson & Abruime, Frank Ehikoya

Organization is one of the most commonly used term when it comes to arrangement of human and works towards the attainment of goal. It is for this reason that organization is viewed both as a function and as an entity. Nevertheless, from whatever perspective organization is viewed, it encompasses the harmonious working of interrelated units, parts or departments. With this view in mind, it can be seen as a system made up of sub-systems. Each sub-system is established to carry out specialized functions contributing to the overall goal of the organization. The specialized functions include but not limited to accounting, marketing, production, human resources management and others. To effectively contribute to the goal of the organization managers at different levels need accurate, reliable and timely information, this can only be ensured through the design and establishment of effective Management Information System (MIS). Consequently, this paper is designed to examine the application of MIS for the survival of an organization. To achieve this, the paper researched various literatures on the concept of organization, organization as a system, MIS and the application of MIS in an organization for its survival. Based on the literature reviewed, it was concluded that without effective MIS, organizations are likely going to face chaos rather than achieve their goals because it supports the information needed for effective management decision. It was therefore, suggested that organization should endeavour to design and deploy effective MIS for its functional areas.

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