OBIEGO, Chinwendu N.,  & EKE, Christiana O.

Oral literature, especially oral poetry been an instrument of social control which blends or repudiates a person for doing what are regarded as contrary to the mores or laws of the society.
Oral satiric poems have been good instruments for checkmating the society. This paper examined the utilitarian value of oral satiric poem to ascertain their value to the society. Three research questions were raised to guide this study. It is a descriptive study. The data was collected through oral interview, published, unpublished and recorded tapes. Seven (7) oral satiric poems were collected for easy investigation. The analysis revealed that satiric poems have social as well as cultural relevance. The study recommended that the rich cultural heritage which abounds in the Igbo satiric poems should be harnessed by compiling and documenting them to preserve them for posterity.

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