Sensor Technologies Perception for Intelligent Vehicle Movement Systems on Nigeria Road Network

ORIE, Chukwulenwenwa John
Department of Automobile Technology Education,
School of Secondary Education Technical,
Federal College of Education Technical Omoku,
Rivers State , Nigeria
Corresponding Email : oriechukwulenwenwa@

The transportation networks of modern society are plagued with major issues, including but not limited to traffic congestion, safety, and pollution. In contemporary transportation networks, information and communication technologies have garnered increasing attention and significance. Automotive
manufacturers are developing in-vehicle sensors and their uses in several fields, such as safety, traffic management, and information technology. Currently, government agencies are constructing roadside infrastructures, such as cameras and sensors, to collect data on environmental and traffic conditions. This paper focuses on the sensing and communication capacities of cars and sensing devices can be used seamlessly to produce intelligent and smart transportation networks. How sensor technology may be linked with the transportation infrastructure to produce a sustainable Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and how safety, traffic control, and entertainment applications can benefit from many sensors deployed in
various ITS components were also discussed. In order to enable a fully functional and collaborative ITS environment, the researcher outlined some of the challenges that must be overcome in the conclusion.
Keywords: Applications, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sensors, Vehicle

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